Adolphson-Falk - 101010

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What's in the box?

The box holds 4 audio CD's in 4-color digipaks. Each CD contains the songs from Adolphson-Falk's four vinyl LP's
Med rymden i blodet (1982)
Över tid och rum (1984)
I nattens lugn (1986)
Det svåra vlaet (1987)
Plus an extensive collection of bonus material on each CD
.Each CD has been meticulously remastered by the original Aldolphson-Falk sound engineer, Dagge Lundqvist. The box also includes an 80-page booklet (in Swedish) with a wealth of historical info and a complete collection of Adolphson-Falk song lyrics.
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How does the blinking blue light work?

The blue light which blinks at roughly the same tempo as Adolphson-Falk's most famous song, Blinkar Blå, is connected with a switch. Closing the box completely turns off the light - opening the box slightly turns it on. With moderate use the blinking light should last for several years. If you should (heaven forbid) choose to throw away your box, please recycle appropriatley.

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Shipping procedures

All shipments of the Adolphson-Falk 101010 box are administrated by the Swedish Postal Service and sent as First Class Priority Mail. The boxes are wrapped in double layer protective bubble pack. Approximate times of delivery are typically between four and seven days. If you are interested in receiving more than one box in a shipment please contact us by email to arrange this. Any savings incurred in bulk shipping will be passed on to the buyer.
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